The 2008 Amway Smackdown

Although technically the lawsuit was dismissed, Amway made several major concessions in order to avoid being kicked out of the UK, which would have probably resulted in a disasterous domino effect. The decision can be viewed here: BERR_vs_Amway_UK_-_Judgement

The most significant concession was to not allow any profit to be made by the upline from the tools (see for the details), as 2/3s to 9/10s or more of the Emerald and above profit was from the tools (and still is, in many countries, such as the U.S.), but virtually all prospects and downline IBO/ABOs are aware of this fact.

Another concession which has been VERY valuable, is the annual report, and I’ve saved all of these reports since the first one was required in 2008. In fact, this is the ONLY country I know of with this window into their operations. A summary and an analysis of the information can be found on this blog here:


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