Amway’s UK Losses Through the Years

Not only is Amway flat/declining in the UK in terms of revenue, but they lose money practically every single year. You’d think they were an Amway IBO! This website is the source of the below information:

Year Revenue Loss

2001 £12.0M £1.9M

2002 £13.5M £4.1M

2003 £11.6M £2.6M

2004 £11.5M* £3.2M

2005 £12.4M £1.6M

2006 £12.3M £1.5M

2007 £9.8M £8.0M

2008 £5.1M £5.9M

2009# £6.2M £5.8M

2010 £9.2M# £3.0M

2011 £9.8M# £0.4M

2012 £10.2M £0.4M

2013 £9.8M £0.7M

2014 £9.6M £0.5M

2015 £9.2M £2.5M

2016 £9.4M £2.6M

2017 8.6M@ £2.7M

2018 £8.1M £0.8M

2019 £7.5M £1.3M

2020 £9.1M £1.1M (profit, because of covid)

2021 £9.6M £0.05M

2022 £???M £???M

*Normalized, the 16-month period was £15.3 and £4.2

#2010 and 2011 expected to grow 50% (£9.3M, missed by £0.1M) and 35% (£12.4M missed by £2.6M) yoy

@Closed store in London


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